The Evacuation Of St. Kilda

kilda cover



sheep hill





selling socks


st kilda post office


nighttime cat


sailing out


waving goodbye


“My saddest recollection is seeing half a dozen of the women standing at the rear of the boat, their shawls round their heads like my mother, waving goodbye to the island until it was out of sight.”  

-Norman John Gillies


St. Kilda, “Britain’s loneliest Isle”, is an archipelago 150 miles off the coast of Scotland which was inhabited for about 2000 years before being evacuated in 1930. The way of life in St. Kilda was completely unique and despite the hardships caused by the weather, the landscape and being so cut off from the rest of the world the St Kildan’s were tied to their home in a way that perhaps many of us are not today.

There are many incredible stories to be told about St. Kilda’s history and  culture, but through this project I tried to convey a sense of the sadness and beauty of the Islanders in their last few days before leaving their home forever.


2 thoughts on “The Evacuation Of St. Kilda

  1. Ever thought about contacting the National Trust For Scotland to see if they would sell your St Kilda illustrations.I am sure they would be interested.

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